Healthy Habit Program

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Online Personal Training

You’ll receive 4 weeks or 90 days training guide complete with daily workouts. This includes 4 recommended workouts per week. Once residing in Trinidad, these 4 workouts can include one (1) session/day per week of your choice in-house, specific to your individual goal.

Customized Meal Plan (OPTIONAL)

We will provide you with an easy to follow meal plan that is tailored to suit you, your body type, dietary requirements and goals.


From beginning to halfway through the program, we’ll assess how you are responding to the challenge and make amendments to training and meal plan to ensure you reach your goals.

Grit Family

You will be part of a private Facebook and WhatsApp group, so not only will you have the support of myself and my team, but others who are in it to win it.

Video Demonstrations

Your program will include Video Demos that will explain in detail every aspect of the workout from form, reps, sets and rest periods.

TT600/17004 WEEKS/90 DAYS

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Virtual Classes

You’ll select a date to join a live stream session that you can do from the comfort of your home. No equipment is needed.

Once registered you will receive an email or WhatsApp message sharing details of your chosen session as well as a Zoom link that will connect you to classes.

Classes will be Monday to Wednesday from 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm.

Note: If for some reason you cannot make your Zoom class, please email or WhatsApp for change of date at least 24 hrs before the class. Failure to do so means you have used your link.


Group Training

Grit Fit TT Personal Training Trinidad - Group

These sessions are available to community and corporate groups of 12 persons or more.

This works in a controlled and comfortable environment among people who are serious like yourself in getting results. The number of persons per session is always at an amount that can be properly managed by the number of trainers assigned per session to ensure optimal service.

Sessions are between 45 – 60mins that includes a variety of training types including, weight training, cardiovascular workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and aerobics, just to name a few.

These sessions are designed to be challenging but doable and FUN at the same time.

Times: Monday to Thursday 7:00 pm

Cost: One-time registration fee of $100 and $480 for 4 weeks OR $1400 for 90 days.

TT480/14004 WEEKS/90 DAYS

Recommended Programs

That fit your lifestyle and needs

These programs include features of the Healthy Habit Program except in-house training and meal plans.

60+ Old But Not Cold

Training that is more functional and much easier on the joints. Nothing should stop you because you’ll be able to get in shape no matter your age.

Glutes Ass Blast

Training to build a strong, sexy and healthy ass to help you function, look and feel your best.

Men Longevity

Training to produce natural testosterone in the body. This type of training is geared towards keeping the testosterone at an acceptable level.

Women Curve Appeal

Strong is the new sexy. You’ll build a more proportionate and curvaceous body. You not only lose weight but build sexy lean muscles.

Kids & Youth Fun Bon

Training suited for young adults and children who want to be more active while losing weight and getting fit.

Sign up in 3 Easy Steps.

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Step 1:  Fill out the the sign up form to get started on your chosen program.

Step 2:  Proceed to step two by completing your payment.

Step 3:  Check your email inbox for 2 emails. The first email will be a confirmation that you’re completed form has been submitted to us and the second email will be a confirmation of your payment.

Step 1 - Complete Program Registration Form

Step 2 - Make Your Payment

Online Credit Card Payment

Please click your program of choice to make a payment now via credit card. We accept all major credit (debit) cards as well as PayPal. Costs will be displayed in USD and TTD, however, your transaction will be processed in USD. If you need to pay via bank transfer, please refer below for our bank details.

Grit Pump 

Healthy Habit Program 

Group Training

Men’s Longevity 

60+ Old But Not Cold

Women Curve Appeal

Glutes Ass Blast

Kids & Youth Fun Bon

Bank Transfer

For payments via bank transfer, please ensure to email or WhatsApp us a copy of the teller receipt, or if done on an online banking platform, please send us a screenshot of the completed transaction. Thank you.


Bank Details:

Bank: Republic Bank Limited

Branch: Trincity

Account Name: Grit Fit Limited

Account Number: 870801665301

Step 3 - Check For Email Confirmations

Please check your email inbox for the confirmation of your submitted form and your payment receipt. If you encounter issues while going through this process, please click the green button below to get in touch with us.

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